Logistics Information Management: Volume 11 Issue 5


Operations and Logistics Management

Table of contents

A logistics approach to managing the millennium information systems problem

Ashraf W. Labib

The prevailing discipline in dealing with the Year 2000 computer problem tends to be logistics, which is the main focus of this paper. However, the Year 2000 computing…

Concurrent engineering: a multi‐disciplinary approach for construction

A. Gunasekaran, P.E.D. Love

This paper addresses the concept of concurrent engineering (CE) and its application to construction. The construction process is faced with an ephemeral shifting coalition…

Logistics outsourcing in grocery distribution: a European perspective

Gilles Paché

Deals with food retailers’ logistics strategies and, more specifically, with the nature of collaboration between retailers and contractors (or third party service…

The politics and ethics of career progression in IS: a systems perspective

Craig Standing, Susan Standing

Organizational politicsExamines the role of politics in the internal promotion of information systems IS professionals. Most studies take a management perspective when…

Case study: business process reengineering in an international company

Bo K. Wong, Wilson X. Li

Discusses a successful business process reengineering project that involved purchasing, receiving and accounts payable departments in an international firm in the USA…

Case study: managing for total quality of logistics services in the supply chain

Patrick Fung, Alfred Wong

Presents an analysis of the total quality management (TQM) system of a logistics service provider operating in a supply chain context. The company can achieve ongoing…



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