Employee Counselling Today: Volume 6 Issue 5


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A Comparative Study between the ILO’s Guiding Principles and Drug Testing at Workplaces in Stockholm, Sweden

Gunborg Brännström, Beatrice Hopstadius

The International Labour Organization (ILO) recommends that companiesshould have a policy to reduce alcohol and drug problems. The policiesshould include education…

Historical Perspectives of Evaluation Methods in Alcohol and Drug Education

Jorge Negreiros

Considers a historical approach to the evolution of evaluation methodsin alcohol and drug education in the present century. Thetransformations in this field can be…

Implementing and Initiating Alcohol Workplace Policies

Melanie Powell

Describes a study which aimed to identify factors most likely to lead tothe implementation of an alcohol policy by employers. The study alsoexamines the types of policy…

Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace

Simon Loup

Discusses the importance of workplace policies to deal with drug andalcohol abuse. Outlines the statistical evidence that the problem isincreasing and identifies some of…

Effects of a Drug‐testing Programme on Employee Attitudes, Productivity and Attendance Behaviours

Dean Elmuti

Presents a longitudinal field study which compares changes inperceptions of productivity and attendance behaviours for participantsin a drug‐testing programme in a…



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