Health Manpower Management: Volume 20 Issue 5


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Evaluating Self‐Managed Learning: Part I: Philosophy, Design and Current Practice

J. Herman Gilligan

This is the first in a series of three articles which evaluate the useof self‐managed learning (SML) in management development processes inhealth care settings. This first…


Performance‐related Pay in Nursing: Theory, Practice and Prospect

Graeme Martin

Examines the introduction of PRP into occupations like nursing.Essentially a literature review, examines the theoretical case for andpractical problems of PRP in its “natural…


Midwifery – From Parasite to Partner in the Ontario Health Care System

D. Wayne Taylor, Faith Nesdoly

Using several frameworks for public policy analysis, documents howmidwifery in Ontario evolved from being illegal in 1982 to being aself‐regulated health profession in 1990. In…


Taking a Strategic Approach to Human Resource Management

Roy Massey

Examines why strategic human resources management is a critical issuefor NHS trusts. Defines “strategic” human resource management in a simplemodel, and identifies the business…


Inducting Non‐executive Directors of Trust Boards

Sally Cray

Describes a piece of largely empirical research, aimed at helpingfourth‐wave trust chief executives and chairs with the induction oftheir non‐executive directors. Four key…


Wine Waiter Syndrome

John L. Deffenbaugh

Based on the premiss that the extent of change taking place in healthcare presents a continuous stream of new ideas, concepts and managementtools of which managers and staff must…




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