Executive Development: Volume 6 Issue 1


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Using Management Learning Contracts in My MBA: Part 2

Kenneth M. Pascoe

Describes the use of management learning contracts (MLC) for an MBAdegree. While Part 1 described setting up the learning contract, Part 2reports on the concepts, activities and…


Corporate Transformation and Business Process Re‐engineering

Colin J. Coulson‐Thomas

The need for more flexible and responsive organizations, and thepotential of networks technology, are generally accepted. Argues,however, that the desire for corporate…


Developing Government Executives: Is There a Difference?

James Brianas

As our world moves towards more global, highly competitive, yetinter‐related economies, excellence shown by executives and leaders inthe management of business and public…


Training Managers for International Assignments

Sherry E. Sullivan, Howard S. Tu

Up to 40 per cent of expatriate managers terminate theirassignments early. Each failed expatriate assignment costs a companybetween $50,000 and $150,000. Proposes to examine…


Aligning Executive Training with Strategy: Promoting Strategic Change in a Turbulent Environment

James Michael

In‐depth interviews were conducted with training officers invarious high‐tech firms to identify how senior‐level training programmeswere aligned with organizational strategy. The…


The Power of Upward Appraisal

Trevor Dignall

Describes how Federal Express Business Logistics introduced SurveyFeedback Action, an upward appraisal scheme. Each employer is asked tocomplete a survey every year, containing…


Executive Need Appraisals Too

Clinton O. Longenecker, Dennis A. Gioia

Some research suggests that the higher a manager rises, the lesslikely it is that the manager will receive quality feedback. Reports ona survey which shows that executives want…




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