International Journal of Educational Management



Table Of Contents: Volume 28 Issue 3 - Special Issue: Education management and administration in China

On creating the school-running characteristic of university

Xian-jun Liu

It is a very prominent problem that Chinese universities lack school-running characteristics. In the past ten years, because of undergraduate teaching assessment…

Principals’ transformational leadership in school improvement

Yingxiu Yang

The purpose of this paper is to contribute experience of and ideas for transformational leadership, not only for the principal who wants to improve leadership himself or…

The nature, characteristics and ten strategies of learning organization

Hengfu Wen

The purpose of this paper is to grasp the nature, characteristics and strategies of learning organization so as to construct a learning CCP organization, a learning team…

Chinese multi-cultural education: possibilities and paths

Yu-le Jin, Ling Li, Sheng-quan Luo

– The purpose of this paper is to reform the multi-cultural education in China so as to construct a homogenous education model.

Career advancement or teacher development? Teachers’ perceptions of writing publications in China

Jocelyn L.N. Wong

Studies in teacher research have seldom discussed the effects of writing publications and teachers’ views on it. This paper aims to examine how teachers in China regard…

Research trend on higher education in China for the past ten years

Cuiping Kang, Gang Wang, Min Shi, Fei Sun

This paper aims to explore the developing trend of higher pedagogy, to promote the research of higher pedagogy to be more canonical and scientific and to improve the…

30 years of Chinese educational management: achievements, characteristics and problems

Miantao Sun

The purpose of this paper is to review the achievements of Chinese educational management in the past 30 years, conclude the characteristics of Chinese educational…



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