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To empower or oppress: approaching duality in educational histories

Matilda Keynes, Beth Marsden

This paper introduces key themes and debates in education and educational history that engage education's complicity in injustice and violence, as well as those that continue to…

Constructing race in white spaces of Dutch education (1968–2017)

Maria Luce Sijpenhof

The key purpose of this paper is to explore how teachers' historical constructions of race and racism may reify whiteness in Dutch classrooms. How has whiteness contributed to how…

Ontology, sovereignty, legitimacy: two key moments when history curriculum was challenged in public discourse and the curricular effects, Australia 1950s and 2000s

Matilda Keynes, Beth Marsden

The purpose of this paper is to examine the ways that history curriculum has worked to legitimise dispossession through narratives that elide questions of Indigenous sovereignty…

Fabricating spaces and knowledge: the Berlin-Dalldorf Municipal Asylum for “Feeble-Minded” Children (1880–1900)

Jona T. Garz

This paper has two purposes. One is to examine the ways mentally disabled children were disciplined and cared for in Berlin, Germany/Prussia, at the end of the 19th century, by…

Tally Ho Boys' Training Farm, Aboriginal children and the intersection of school, welfare and justice systems, 1950s–1960s

Beth Marsden

This paper draws on the archival records of the Victorian Education Department, literature produced by the governing authority of Tally Ho (the Central Mission), and newspaper…

Demanding dialogue in an unsettled settler state: implications for education and justice

Sophie Rudolph

The purpose of this paper is to examine the educational impulses and effects of Indigenous dialogue with the settler colonial state. Taking the Uluru Statement from the Heart

Bilingual education, Aboriginal self-determination and Yolŋu control at Shepherdson College, 1972–1983

Archie Thomas

Self-determination policies and the expansion of bilingual schooling across Australia's Northern Territory (NT) in the 1970s and 1980s provided opportunities for Aboriginal…

“Behind the white curtain”: Indian students and researchers in Australia, 1901–1950

Amit Sarwal, David Lowe

Academic scholarship on the White Australia Policy (WAP) has highlighted the history of Asian migration, early perceptions and policy-making initiatives. Prominent scholars have…

Managing moral reformation: the case of Queensland's reformatory for boys, 1871–1919

Carden Clarissa

This article explores the case of the Queensland's reformatory for boys through the years 1871–1919 to analyse how the institution negotiated the complex, and at times competing…

Childhood, disability and vocational training in Franco's Spain during the 1950s and early 1960s

Mercedes Del Cura, José Martínez-Pérez

This paper analyses the strategies designed by Franco´s dictatorship to address the “problem” of children with physical disabilities, focusing on the relevance given to vocational…

Single-sex versus coeducational schooling in 19th-century Victorian public schools

Hooper Carole

Soon after its establishment in 1863, the Board of Education – “the body responsible for administering public education in Victoria – determined that a system of universal mixed…

From Sèvres to Melbourne: Art and education museums in 19th-century Victoria

Anna Griffith, Mary Brigit Carroll, Oliver Farrell

This paper focuses on the donation in 1888 of a Sèvres Vase to the Education Department of Victoria after the International Exhibition in Melbourne. Using the vase as its focus…

Revisiting the life of Lucy Garvin, first principal of Sydney Girls High School: expanded biography and use of digital sources

Josephine May

The article sets out primarily to fill in some of the gaps in the biography of Lucy Arabella Stocks Garvin (1851–1938), first principal of Sydney Girls High School. As a reflexive…

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