IMP Journal: Volume 12 Issue 2


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Crossing the boundary between physical and digital: the role of boundary objects

Daniela Corsaro

Digitalization is one of the most important phenomena that characterize the last decade – not only in business-to-consumer markets but also in business-to-business as…

Innovation in a globalized world: Proximity-focused policy and border-crossing innovation projects

Jens Ola Eklinder-Frick, Andrea Perna, Alexandra Waluszewski

Previous IMP research has shown that innovation benefits tend to gravitate across organisational, company and legal borders. However, OECD and EU policy assume that…

Heaviness, space and journey – innovation opportunities and restrictions

Håkan Håkansson, Alexandra Waluszewski

The purpose of this paper is to argue that if the authors want to understand the role of heaviness, space and journey in innovation, the authors have to start with the…

Discovering the collective entrepreneurial opportunities through spatial relationships

Chiara Cantù

Even if in a traditional perspective the discovery and the exploitation of opportunities are associated to the entrepreneur’s capabilities, a relational perspective is…

The dynamics of proximity in multiple-party innovation processes

Christina Öberg

Proximity – that is, the closeness of parties – has been increasingly emphasized in studies on innovation networks. The idea of closeness has been discussed in relation to…

Network approach to public-private organizing of destinations

Jörgen Elbe, Sabine Gebert Persson, Fredrik Sjöstrand, Karin Ågren

This paper explores a type of organizing that can be found in tourist destinations that are administratively bound to a specific geographic area in the intersection of…

The role of actors in interactions between “innovation ecosystems”: drivers and implications

Tommaso Pucci, Andrea Runfola, Simone Guercini, Lorenzo Zanni

The purpose of this paper is to study the role of the actors (especially firms) in interactions between contexts defined as “innovation ecosystems.”

The role of European R&D projects for SMEs’ resource development: an IMP perspective

Fabrizio Ciarmatori, Roberta Bocconcelli, Alessandro Pagano

The purpose of this paper is to provide a contribution on the role of European R&D projects (ERDPs) on small and medium enterprises’ (SMEs) resource development.

Adoption and implementation of new technologies in hospitals: a network perspective

Olga Mikhailova

The purpose of this paper is to address challenges and opportunities that smaller hospitals with limited resources may face when they are adopting and implementing…

Interactive Network Branding: Creating corporate identity and reputation through interpersonal interaction

Nikolina Koporcic, Aino Halinen

The purpose of this paper is to examine Interactive Network Branding (INB) as an emergent process where the corporate identity and reputation of a small- and medium-sized…




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