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A compact high gain wideband millimeter wave 1 × 2 array antenna for 26/28 GHz 5G applications

Yousra Ghazaoui, Mohammed EL Ghzaoui, Sudipta Das, BTP Madhav, Ali el Alami

This paper aims to present the design, fabrication and analysis of a wideband, enhanced gain 1 × 2 patch antenna array with a simple profile structure to meet the desired antenna…

Pulse density modulation control-based multi-load handling three leg inverter for cooking applications

Pradeep Vishnuram, Ramachandiran Gunabalan

Induction heating applications aided by power electronic control have become very attractive in the recent past. For cooking applications, power electronics circuits are very…

Low-power and low-energy CNFET-based approximate full adder cell for image processing applications

Yavar Safaei Mehrabani, Mojtaba Maleknejad, Danial Rostami, HamidReza Uoosefian

Full adder cells are building blocks of arithmetic circuits and affect the performance of the entire digital system. The purpose of this study is to provide a low-power and…


Analysis of the influence factors of VSC–HVDC on AC three-phase short-circuit current level

Jingbo Zhao, Yan Tao, Zhiming Sun

This paper aims to clarify voltage sourced converter’s (VSC’s) influence rules on the alternating current (AC) short-circuit current and identify the key factors, so as to propose…


Optoelectronic characterization of laser diodes with different electrode structures

Tao Lin, Yaning Li, Rongjin Zhao, Zekun Ma, Jianan Xie

This paper aims to improve the device performance from the perspective of reducing ohmic contact resistance; the effects of different electrode structures and alloying parameters…

A new tri-source symmetric cascaded multilevel inverter topology with reduced power components

Jayarama Pradeep, Krishnakumar Vengadakrishnan, Anbarasan Palani, Thamizharasan Sandirasegarane

Multilevel inverters become very popular in medium voltage applications owing to their inherent capability of reconciling stepped voltage waveform with reduced harmonic distortion…

Comparative study on minimization of conduction and switching losses in cascaded multilevel inverter via reduced switches and equal voltage source-sharing

Dania Batool, Qandeel Malik, Tila Muhammad, Adnan Umar Khan, Jonghoon Kim

Multilevel inverters play a major role in the development of high-power industrial applications. In traditional low-level inverters (e.g. 2-level), the switching frequency is…

Experimental verification of STATCOM based on quasi impedance source inverter for power quality enhancement in the hybrid distributed generation system

Karthick R., Ramakrishnan C., Sridhar S.

This paper aims to introduce the quasi impedance source inverter (qZSI)-based static compensator (STATCOM), which is incorporated into the hybrid distributed power generation…

Design of a fractional-order chaotic secure communication circuit based on sliding mode theory and microcontroller

Zuanbo Zhou, Wenxin Yu, Junnian Wang, Yanming Zhao, Meiting Liu

With the development of integrated circuit and communication technology, digital secure communication has become a research hotspot. This paper aims to design a five-dimensional…

Optimal location and sizing of various DG units in real distribution substation using heuristic approach

Merlin Sajini M.L., Suja S., Merlin Gilbert Raj S.

The purpose of the study is distributed generation planning in a radial delivery framework to identify an appropriate location with a suitable rating of DG units energized by…

Intelligent series inducing switching scheme (ISISS) to enhance power delivery in shaded photovoltaic array

Srinivasan Vadivel, Boopathi C.S., Sridhar R., Tarana Kaovasia

The aim of this research study is to mitigate shading impact on solar photovoltaic array. Photovoltaic (PV) array when getting shaded not only results in appreciable power loss…

Review and design of modular multilevel inverter with modified multicarrier PWM techniques for solar PV applications

Chinnaraj Gnanavel, Kumarasamy Vanchinathan

These implementations not only generate excessive voltage levels to enhance the quality of power but also include a detailed investigating of the various modulation methods and…

Research on circuit analysis and optimization of wireless power transmission system with embedded coil

Han Liu, Guojin Yang, Rong Wang

The wireless power transmission (WPT) system with an embedded coil will achieve a more flexible charging operation and higher system efficiency. However, the comprehensive…

Stability analysis of two port renewable energy interface for telecom applications

Rajini V., Margaret Amutha W.

The purpose of this paper is to carry out a detailed analysis of two port converter fed by Solar and wind sources during different operational modes by small signal modelling. The…

Hidden multiwing chaotic attractors with multiple stable equilibrium points

Quanli Deng, Chunhua Wang, Yazheng Wu, Hairong Lin

The purpose of this paper is to construct a multiwing chaotic system that has hidden attractors with multiple stable equilibrium points. Because the multiwing hidden attractors…

Circuit analysis and modeling of a soft-switching pulse power supply based on full-bridge inverter for DBD application

Xiongmin Tang, Tianhong Jiang, Weizheng Chen, ZhiHong Lin, Zexin Zhou, Chen Yongquan, Miao Zhang

How to use a simple and classical topology to provide a high-efficiency excitation voltage for dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) loads is one of the primary problems to be solved…

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