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Investigation of burr formation and its influence in micro-drilling hole of flexible printed circuit board

Zhiyuan Li, Lijuan Zheng, Chengyong Wang, Xin Huang, Jiechi Xie

The flexible printed circuit (FPC) board with the characteristic of light and thin strengthened confronted the growing miniaturization requirements of the electronic product and…

Energy-efficient data retention in D flip-flops using STT-MTJ

Kanika Monga, Nitin Chaturvedi, S. Gurunarayanan

Emerging event-driven applications such as the internet-of-things requires an ultra-low power operation to prolong battery life. Shutting down non-functional block during standby…

A 4.2-to-5.4 GHz stacked GaAs HBT power amplifier for C-band applications

Min Liu, Panpan Xu, Jincan Zhang, Bo Liu, Liwen Zhang

Power amplifiers (PAs) play an important role in wireless communications because they dominate system performance. High-linearity broadband PAs are of great value for potential…

A design method of capacitor arrays for high-resolution SAR ADCs

Yuqing Wu, Jizhong Shen, Jun Liang, Maoqun Yao

The design method of high-resolution capacitor arrays was proposed to improve the precision of successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) without…

Design of a power-efficient Kogge–Stone adder by exploring new OR gate in 45nm CMOS process

Vimukth John, Shylu Sam, S. Radha, P. Sam Paul, Joel Samuel

The purpose of this work is to reduce the power consumption of KSA and to improve the PDP for data path applications. In digital Very Large – Scale Integration systems, the…

Design and performance analysis of novel multiphase induction motor with die-cast copper rotors using FEA for electric propulsion vehicles applications

Sathishkumar Kaliyavarathan, Sivakumaran T.S.

The purpose of this paper is to study the development of novel multiphase induction motor (MPIM) with copper die cast rotor in the drive system of electric propulsion vehicles…

Modified I-shaped hexa-band near perfect terahertz metamaterial absorber

Elakkiya A., Radha Sankararajan, Sreeja B.S., Manikandan E.

A novel and simple six-band metamaterial absorber is proposed in the terahertz region, which is composed of an I-shaped absorber and circular ring with four gaps and a continuous…

High-Performance CML approximate full adders for image processing application of laplace transform

Hamidreza Uoosefian, Keivan Navi, Reza Faghih Mirzaee, Mahdi Hosseinzadeh

The high demand for fast, energy-efficient, compact computational blocks in digital electronics has led the researchers to use approximate computing in applications where…


Ink-jet printed ring resonator with integrated Microfluidic components

Laura Jasińska, Krzysztof Szostak, Milena Kiliszkiewicz, Piotr Słobodzian, Karol Malecha

The main purpose of this study is to test the performance of the ink-jet printed microwave resonant circuits on Low temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC) substrates combined with…


Energy harvesting wireless sensor for achieving self-powered structural health monitoring system

Revathy Srinivasan, Umma Habiba Hyder Ali

On average, a medium-sized satellite consist of almost 500 sensors where powering these sensors in space in such an unreachable environment is critical. Backing this, a compact…

Temperature suppression of metal panel in electromagnetic field

Guochao Zheng, Fuli Wang, Baiping Yan, Runting Cheng

The purpose of this study is to suppress the temperature rise of high voltage wall bushing metal plate.

Vibration analysis of E-core flux reversal free stator switched reluctance motor

Prabhu Sundaramoorthy, Balaji M., Suresh K., Ezhilventhan Natesan, Mohan K.

The main purpose of this research is to investigate finite-element analysis (FEA) on flux reversal-free stator switched reluctance motor (FRFSSRM) for industrial applications. The…

An explorative optimization algorithm for sparse scheduling in-home energy management with smart grid

Viswanath Gajula, Rajathy R.

Electricity utilization at electricity peak hour may differ from every single administration region, for example, mechanical region, business territory and residential zone. This…

Design of a miniaturized tri-band bandstop filter using spur microstrip lines and via-hole grounding

Revathi Ganesan, Radha Sankararajan

The purpose of this paper is to propose a miniaturized tri-band bandstop filter that finds application in a modern dense communication system where size and multi-band plays a…

Printed array antenna with an elephant trunk shape radiating patch for Bluetooth and WLAN applications

Yashar Zehforoosh, Mehdi Zavvari

This purpose of this study is to present a novel four-element array antenna in combination with a modified Wilkinson power divider feeding network.

An ultra-thin, dual band, Sub 6 GHz, 5G and WLAN antenna for next generation laptop computers

Jayshri Sharad Kulkarni

The purpose of this manuscript is to present a novel, compact and ultra-thin “3”-shaped monopole antenna for wireless operations in the laptop computer. The thickness of the…

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