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Novel implementation of IoT based non-invasive sensor system for real-time monitoring of intravenous fluid level for assistive e-healthcare

Partha Pratim Ray, Nishant Thapa, Dinesh Dash, Debashis De

The purpose of the study is to design and develop an pervasive and smart Internet of Things (IoT)-based sensor system to monitor he real-time intravenous (IV) fluid bag level.

Electrochemical and analytical study of electroplating additive in copper plating solution for microvia filling

Zhihua Tao, Guanting Liu, Yuanxun Li, Hua Su

The adsorption and acceleration behavior of 3-mercaptopropyl sulfonate (MPS) were investigated by electrochemical tests for microvia filling by copper electroplating.

Techniques of impedance matching for minimal PCB channel loss at 40 GBPS signal transmission

Chang Fei Yee, Muammar Mohamad Isa, Azremi Abdullah Al-Hadi, Mohd Khairuddin Md Arshad

This paper aims to analyze the negative impact of surface mount (SMT) pad and imperfect via structure such as stub, pad, non-functional pad (NFP) and anti-pad on the signal…


Fractal-based triangular bandpass filter with a notched band for interference rejection in wideband applications

Karthie S., Salivahanan S.

This paper aims to present the design of a novel triangular-shaped wideband microstrip bandpass filter implemented on a low-cost substrate with a notched band for interference…


Statistical data analysis for harmonic reduction in 3Ø -fragmented source using novel fuzzy digital logic switching technique

Yuvaraja T., K. Ramya

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the Luo super boost converter coupled fragmented source inversion system (LC-FSIS) and the progress of a controller structure for energy…

A low-PDAP and high-PSNR approximate 4:2 compressor cell in CNFET technology

Yavar Safaei Mehrabani, Mehdi Bagherizadeh, Mohammad Hossein Shafiabadi, Abolghasem Ghasempour

This paper aims to present an inexact 4:2 compressor cell using carbon nanotube filed effect transistors (CNFETs).

Low computation digital down converter using polyphase IIR filter

Hiren K. Mewada, Jitendra Chaudhari

The digital down converter (DDC) is a principal component in modern communication systems. The DDC process traditionally entails quadrature down conversion, bandwidth reducing…

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