Circuit World: Volume 39 Issue 1


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Manufacture of an aluminum rigid‐flex circuit assembly without the use of solder

Joseph Fjelstad

The purpose of this paper is to describe a novel method for the manufacture of aluminum rigid‐flex circuit assemblies without the use of solder.

Printed circuit board technologies for thermal management

William Burr, Nick Pearne, Francesca Stern

The purpose of this paper is to a provide short introductory overview of metal in board (MiB) circuit technologies for use in thermal management applications.

The impact of carbon content and mesh on the characteristics of screen printed conductive structures

E.H. Jewell, S.M. Hamblyn, T.C. Claypole, D.T. Gethin

The purpose of this paper is to carry out a comprehensive experimental investigation into the role of screen and conductive carbon material formulation on line conductivity and…


Development of new laminates for high performance interconnection technology in avionics applications

C.R. Raghunath, U. Raghunath, H.S. Yeshaswini, H. Rashmi

The purpose of this paper is to detail various aspects of laminates and their current developments in order to enable the selection and development of appropriate laminate systems…

Analysis of structure characteristics of a flying probe tester

Chuji Chen, Hongyan Shi, Fumin Song

The purpose of this paper is to present a method for evaluating the structural dynamic characteristics of a flying probe tester.

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