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Evaluation of pure tin plated copper alloy substrates for tin whiskers

Sony Mathew, Michael Osterman, Michael Pecht, Frank Dunlevey

The purpose of this paper is to present the results from work on a project aimed at evaluating six different copper alloy substrates coated with pure tin for tin whisker growth…

Intrinsically conductive polymer for PWB direct metallization: process reliability by process management

Jean Rasmussen

The purpose of this paper is to describe in detail the direct metallization of printed wiring boards using ENVISION® HDI for the selective formation of intrinsic conductive…

A compact ultra‐wideband bandpass filter with ultra‐fine conductor trace based on liquid crystal polymer substrates

Xia Zhang, Johan Liu, Camilla Kärnfelt, Shiwei Ma, Xu Wang, Linqin Meng, Herbert Zirath

Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) materials are considered to be promising substrates for wireless applications because of their excellent properties. The purpose of this paper is to…

Design and performance of metal conductors for stretchable electronic circuits

Mario Gonzalez, Fabrice Axisa, Frederick Bossuyt, Yung‐Yu Hsu, Bart Vandevelde, Jan Vanfleteren

The purpose of this paper is to present an update on the progress of the design and reliability of stretchable interconnections for electronic circuits.


Replacement of vias with polymer thick film pastes (PTF) for use on flexible substrates

Markus Detert, Michael Zeise, Klaus‐Jürgen Wolter

The purpose of this paper is to give an overview of the benefits and challenges of different technologies for via replacement in the realization of flexible substrates with more…

Low cost miniaturization of an implantable prototype

Henna Heinilä, Jarno Riistama, Pekka Heino, Jukka Lekkala

The purpose of this paper is to present the stages for manufacturing a low‐cost miniaturized prototype device, which observes the restrictions of implantable medical devices. The…

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