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Surface finishes in a lead‐free world

George Milad

The aim of this paper is to detail the changes needed to ensure compatibility of printed‐circuit board (PCB) surface finishes with the use of lead‐free solders and in lead‐free…

Behaviour of electrochemical migration with solder alloys on printed circuit boards (PCBs)

Bo‐In Noh, Seung‐Boo Jung

This study seeks to investigate the electrochemical migration (ECM) behaviour of printed circuit boards (PCBs) with Sn‐37Pb and Sn‐3.0Ag‐0.5Cu (wt.%) solders under various factors…

REACH: implications of Europe's new chemicals policy for PCB fabricators

Kate Geraghty

The aim of the paper is to provide PCB fabricators with a top‐level understanding of the EC regulation for the registration, evaluation, restriction and authorization of chemicals…

Flexible circuit materials

Joseph Fjelstad

To provide an overview of a process for making proper selection of base materials for use in the manufacture of flexible circuits.

Building flexible circuits with self‐assembly

Ehsan Saeedi, Samuel Kim, Babak A. Parviz

The paper's aim is to present a method for integrating high‐performance circuit components onto flexible substrates using self‐assembly. The basic process of self‐assembly at the…

Selective deposition of PEDOT/PSS on to flexible substrates and tailoring the electrical resistivity by post treatment

Nurdan D. Sankir

This paper aims to describe two manufacturing techniques for selective patterning of Poly‐3‐4‐ethyleneoxythiophene/poly‐4‐sytrensulfonate (PEDOT/PSS) for flexible electronic…


Towards a PCB production floor metric for go/no go testing of lossy high speed transmission lines

Brandon Gore, Richard Mellitz, Jeff Loyer, Martyn Gaudion, Jean Burnikell, Paul Carre

The aim of this paper is to demonstrate that root impulse energy (RIE) testing is a practical and robust “go/no go” test technique for PCB material losses that can be deployed on…

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