Circuit World: Volume 31 Issue 1


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Characterization of PCB plated‐through‐hole reliability using statistical analysis

Mark J. Tardibuono

Various test methods are used to characterize PCB plated‐through‐hole reliability. One such method is the interconnect stress test. The results from this test are often used to…

Commercial applications of digital printing technologies on PCBs

Hans Fritz

The PCB industry is quickly gearing up for the digital printing age. While photo imaging and screen‐printing have been commonly used as recognized and established techniques in…

Design considerations for thin‐film embedded resistor and capacitor technologies

Percy Chinoy, Marc Langlois, Raj Hariharan, Mike Nelson, Anthony Cox, Tony Ridler

Embedded passives technologies can provide benefits of size, performance, cost, and reliability to high density, high‐speed designs. A number of embedded passive technology…

Immersion tin: a proven final finish for printed circuit boards providing reliable solderability and marginal formation of tin‐whiskers

Peter Meeh

This paper describes a state‐of‐the‐art process for immersion tin plating of PCBs which is used to preserve solderability prior to assembly. The process sequence is described and…

The origins and evolution of the PCB: a review

Kirstie Petherbridge, Peter Evans, David Harrison

Many people believe that Eisler invented the printed circuit board (PCB) in the mid‐1930s, but the origins actually lie nearly before 50 years this. If this is true then who…

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