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Copper electroplating technology for microvia filling

Mark Lefebvre, George Allardyce, Masaru Seita, Hideki Tsuchida, Masaru Kusaka, Shinjiro Hayashi

This paper describes a copper electroplating enabling technology for filling microvias. Driven by the need for faster, smaller and higher performance communication and electronic…


Evaluation of an enhanced oxidation method for the destruction of ethylene diamine tetra‐acetic acid (EDTA) and related compounds in aqueous solution

Narinder Bains, Martin Goosey, Runveer Hayer

Ethylene diamine tetra‐acetic acid (EDTA) and other chelates are widely employed in the electroless copper plating solutions and related chemistries used in printed circuit board…

Interconnect stress testing (IST) – an overview of its development and capabilities

Dougal Stewart

Focuses on the development and capabilities of interconnect stress testing (IST), a stress testing method for printed circuit boards (PCBs) that is fast, repeatable and…

Liquid photoimageable soldermask application methods and their influence on processing

Shaun Tibbals

Describes the application methods currently available for liquid photoimageable (LPI) soldermasks and discusses how these different methods influence the soldermask's processing…

The recycling of 25 litre plastic drums used to supply process chemistry into the printed circuit board (PCB) and metal finishing industries

Kate Geraghty

Twenty five litre plastic drums are widely used throughout industry and find application in the printed circuit board (PCB) and metal finishing sectors for the supply of process…

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