Circuit World: Volume 28 Issue 4


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The development of a system for measuring material deformation during the bonding of multilayer printed circuit boards

Keith Sargent, Adam Spiller

During the bonding of multi‐layer printed circuit boards (PCBs) the individual layers tend to distort, causing the feature positions to move. While the results of the bonding…

Laser direct imaging and improved process capability

Steve Jones, Andrew Kelley

A detailed multi‐site study has been undertaken to determine the variation in the positional accuracy of circuit features in the manufacture of large panel High‐Density…

Application of simulation tools for the technology‐driven planning of a PCB‐production line

Klaus Feldmann, Frank Christoph

The production of printed circuit boards (PCB) is facing considerable challenges concerning the demand for higher interconnection density and environmental friendliness. These…

Embedded passive technology for networking systems

Gareth D. Jones, John Lauffer

Particularly during the past ten years, the mobile communications industry has grown by orders of magnitude, fueled by digital and RF circuit fabrication improvements, new large…

Imprint patterning: a novel method for producing high density interconnects

George Gregoire

Imprint patterning is a new circuit formation process that is based on a well‐established technology called microreplication. Microreplication has been used for many years for…

Properties of new printed circuit board base materials

Sylvia Ehrler

Currently, the most widely used Printed Circuit Board (PCB) base material is the glass reinforced epoxy known as FR‐4. To improve the electrical or the thermomechanical…



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