Circuit World: Volume 28 Issue 3


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Microvias effect on high‐frequency signal integrity

Happy Holden

Microvias or high density interconnects (HDI) printed circuits are now being designed in ever increasing quantities. HDI brings some interesting new solutions to age‐old signal…

Improvements in PCB innerlayer bonding technology

Dave Oglesby

Alternatives to conventional oxides were introduced in the mid‐1990s as part of innerlayer bonding processes that were significantly less expensive than reduced oxides. This was…

Pushing the limits of organic substrate technology

Gareth D. Jones

The requirement for smaller devices with more functionality has driven substrate technology developers to implement ever increasing circuit densities and layer numbers whilst…

The production of large format backplanes—part 2Presented at the ICT 27th Annual Symposium, 2 May 2001

Gary Morse

The first part of this article was published in Circuit World (Volume 28, Issue 2) and in this second part the final stages of large format backplane manufacture from the desmear…


Factors influencing the formation of “black pad” in electroless nickel‐immersion gold solderable finishes—a processing perspective

Martin Goosey

Nickel–gold planar surface coatings have been increasingly specified over the last ten years as the circuit board solderable finish of choice. Although offering a number of…

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