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PWB Interconnect Strategy Using a Full Build Electroless Copper Plating System:: Part 2: Etch Characteristics

J. Cisson, J. Seigo, K. Minten

This paper constitutes a follow‐up to earlier work published in Circuit World, Vol. 17, No. 4. The first paper studied the metallographic structures of two commercially available…

Design Guidelines for Cost‐effective Manufacture of Flexible Printed Circuits (FPCs)

H. Kober

Several important factors are often neglected or forgotten by engineers and designers with respect to designing for cost‐effective manufacture of the different types of flexible…

A Possible Approach to Multilayer Manufacture to Enhance Soldeverability and Shelf Life

V. Mitter

As miniaturisation reaches new levels with the advent of surface mount technology, the mixed technology of surface mount and through‐hole brings into focus the need for…

Measles and CAF in Printed Wiring Assemblies

M.S. Gandhi, J. McHardy, R.E. Robbins, K.S. Hill

Accelerated life tests on avionic PWAs (printed wiring assemblies) showed no relationship between measles and premature electrical failures. For the study, test samples with…

Pre‐tinning and Flux Considerations on the Reliability of Solder Surfaces

A.J. Sunwoo, J.W. Morris, G.K. Lucey

The kinetics of wetting were studied on several different prepared surfaces of copper (Cu) to simulate the microstructure observed in pre‐tinned Cu‐clad printed circuit boards…

Effect of Gold on the Reliability of Fine Pitch Surface Mount Solder Joints

J. Glazer, P.A. Kramer, J.W. Morris

The effect of gold (Au) on the reliability of 0.65 mm pitch surface mount solder joints between plastic quad flat packs and Cu‐Ni‐Au FR‐4 printed circuit boards was investigated…

The Effects of Ultrasonic Cleaning on Device Degradation — Quartz Crystal Devices

B.P. Richards, P. Burton, P.K. Footner

Although the use of ultrasonic agitation on quartz crystal devices during PCB cleaning has long been suspected to be detrimental, little or no data exist to substantiate or…

New Chemistries for Advanced Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

M.T. Goosey

The relentless demand for enhanced electronics processing capabilities is causing major changes in all sectors of the electronics industry, particularly in interconnection and…

A User's Experience with a New Composite Solder Mask System

J.M. Penot, P. Tatsos

Alcatel's production plant at Coutances, on the coast of Normandy, is dedicated to the manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and has been producing printed circuits for…


Bill Ross, Bob Morris

The most important news at this moment is that the PCIF Annual Conference and Dinner will take place on 16–17 September 1992, at the Anugraha Conference Centre, Engelfield Green…

International Institute News

The Electronic Industries Association (EIA) has announced the release of EIA‐364‐71, Solder Wicking Test Procedure for Electrical Connectors/Sockets (Wave Solder Technique)…

Industry News

Using the very latest Visiongauge equipment, Excellon UK has launched a 24‐hour turnaround service to provide extremely accurate verification of drilled PCBs for process…

New Products

Weltek International Inc. has announced a new large area screen printer. The Model 2424D offers a simple and flexible design, a host of options, print area of 20 in. × 20 in. and…

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