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Inert IR Reflow: The Significance of Oxygen Concentration in the Atmosphere

C. Lea

The benefits of controlling the atmosphere in an infra‐red reflow oven are evident in improved soldering yields and easier post‐soldering cleaning of the assembly. The main…

Electro‐optical Board Technology Based on Discrete Wiring

W. Delbare, L. Vandam, J. Vandewege, J. Verbeke, M. Fitzgibbon

The paper describes a new electro‐optical board technology, based on the discrete wiring principle. Isolated copper wires are embedded in the circuit board to realise the…

Test Coupons as an Aid to Process Control of the PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Processes

B.M. McCormack

A high percentage of circuit boards manufactured in the electronics industry are of an irregular shape and are produced on a standard panel outline to facilitate assembly…

Thermal Strain Response of Plated Holes

T.S. Gross, D.W. Watt, R.S. Raber, J.A. Perault, Y. Zhang

The failure of copper‐plated holes in dielectric laminates during thermal cycling is a serious problem for the electronics industry. The large difference in out‐of‐plane thermal…

Performance Characterisation of VAX 9000 MCU Flexible Circuit Interconnect

L. Palmieri

A contact featured flexible circuit connector was designed to meet the high speed signal performance needs of the VAX 9000 Multi Chip Unit. With contact densities of 200 I/O over…

Modelling of Power and Ground Planes

O. Pedersen, B.‐E. Flaten, T. Gleditsch

A new model for the power system, covering resistance, self‐inductance, mutual inductance, and capacitive coupling between planes is presented. The model parameters are calculated…

International Institute News

The Winter Conference held on 11–12 December 1991 in Zurich was regarded by participants to have been one of the most successful among recent EIPC conferences, both for the…

Industry News

Alpha Metals has announced the appointment of Stan Renais to the position of General Manager, Alpha Singapore.

New Products

RS1602 is a new resist stripper formulated to remove the latest dry film resists. It produces an ideal flake size to facilitate removal from solution by separation or filtration…

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