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Creep and Fatigue Testing of Micro Solder Joints

G. Becker

Against the background of the fact that solder joints crack owing to thermal cycling, the method of predicting the lifetime of a solder joint is critically discussed. The…

Some Metallurgical Studies Related to the Surface Mounting of Electronic Components

C.J. Thwaites

The introduction of high density surface mount technology may lead to a number of metallurgical problems. This paper considers two aspects which are currently being actively…

Laser Drilling of Printed Circuit Boards

M.N. Watson

Many small holes need to be drilled in printed circuit boards to achieve a high packing density of circuit components. Even with NC control, conventional mechanical techniques are…

Machining Multilayer Circuit Boards: Part 2

J.K. Hagge, J.C. Mather

Drilling is the first process step in creating a plated‐through hole (PTH). The purpose of the PTH is for electrically interconnecting two or more circuit locations and/or…

Reflections on My Life as an Inventor: Part 1

P. Eisler

An abridged version of the previously unpublished writings of Paul Eisler, universally acknowledged as the inventor of the printed circuit board and many other technical…

Chemical Copper Plating in the Additive Process

H‐J Ehrich

The copper plating of through holes and PCB surfaces in the additive process places high demands on the chemical copper bath and the resultant deposit. This paper illustrates the…

Automatic Optical Inspection of Printed Circuit Boards

K.G. Doyle

An automatic optical printed circuit board inspection machine will be described which provides considerable improvements on existing methods of PCB inspection and testing. The…

Economic Solvent Drying for Electronics Applications

W. Lambert

The reasons for the essential drying of electronic components are enumerated prior to a description of several drying methods currently employed in industry. A process involving…

Metallographic Examination of Solder Joints on Surface‐mounted Components

H. Steen

Some special characteristics of solder joints made between surface mounted electronic components and circuit boards as compared with conventional wave soldered lead‐through joints…

Printed Circuit World Convention III Report

H.G. Manfield

Previous attendance records were broken this year as 1,534 delegates, representing 19 countries, gathered together for Printed Circuit World Convention III from May 22–25, 1984 in…

ICT News

The two‐day programme of the 10th Annual Symposium on Circuit Technology held at Brunei University, Uxbridge, Middlesex was attended by approximately 70 delegates. At the opening…

International institute news

J.D.C. Hemsley, a Director of OMI International Corporation's manufacturing and marketing business in the UK, has been elected President of The Institute of Metal Finishing for a…

Industry news

Diathane Ltd, manufacturers of printed circuit boards, are pleased to announce two new appointments to the Board of Directors.

New products

Fischer Instrumentation (GB) Ltd announce the availability of their new Fischerscope X‐Ray 1500. The many users of the X‐Ray 1000 have come to realise the advantages of the X‐Ray…

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