Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 9 Issue 6


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How to Manage the Risks of Technology

Ron Barton, Richard Bobst

The risks associated with information technology are often not technological. Certainly the challenges of developing and managing information technology resources are formidable…


Get the Most Value From Your Acquisition

Charles B. Gates

One can view the combined impact of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 (TRA '86) and of last October's collapse of the stock market on merger and acquisition activity in the United States…

The Art of Acquisitions

Joseph L. Dionne

The process of making acquisitions has been thoroughly treated in books, journals, and seminars and, perhaps by now, by streetcorner orators as well. There is so much information…

Avoid the Seven Deadly Sins of Strategic Risk Analysis

Philip J. Eynon

Evaluating a business‐unit strategy from the perspective of creating shareholder value involves discounting the future cash flows that the strategy is expected to generate by the…

Strategies for Entrepreneurial Manufacturing

Robert Haskins, Thomas Petit

Too often companies using a manufacturing strategy of mass production have been hard hit by competition from inexpensively produced imports. But many companies that do remain…

Management's Guide to an Integrated Marketing Strategy

Dillard B. Tinsley

What happened to IBM's PCjr? The PCjr was expected to penetrate the home computer market, perhaps even reaching the dominance that IBM's personal computer—the PC—had achieved in…

Free‐Trade Strategies With Canada

Isaiah A. Litvak

How U.S. companies operate in the huge and diversified Canadian market is undergoing change. What are they doing now and how will this affect others who hope to take advantage of…

Who Should Be Responsible for Business Strategy?

M.R. Eigerman

Our topic was corporate strategy. The CEO sat across the conference table, his tanned fingers drumming lightly on a massive leather binder. “We have the most sophisticated…

Calling the Shots With New Communications Networks

Victoria A. Brown

Corporate planners will soon need answers to the questions of whether their communications strategies should include the use of the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)…

Limitation Is the Mother of Innovation

G. Lynn Shostack

Over 500 years ago, Leonardo da Vinci drew a flying machine that looked remarkably like today's helicopter. In 1939, a man named Igor Sikorsky built one. Da Vinci had an idea;…

The Case for Convergent Capitalism

David A. Heenan

Joseph Schumpeter once argued, “Creative destruction is the inevitable companion of capitalism.” The late Harvard economist predicted that the rise of giant corporations would…

The Leveraged Buyout as a Means of Financing Acquisitions

Lon Taylor

During the last five years, Safeway and Fairchild Industries sold major divisions to existing management. Carl Icahn acquired a majority interest in TWA. And, entrepreneur Ted…

Succession Planning—Overweight and Underperforming

David W. Rhodes

Succession planning has become an event of magnificent proportions. Typically, thousands of managerial hours are expended to prepare flashy presentations and lengthy tomes…

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