Journal of Business Strategy: Volume 24 Issue 1


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The elephant walk

Patrick Marren

Espouses the phrase “business strategy” and goes on to explain what the understanding of business strategy is not in a long bulleted list (20). Gives examples of what good…


Do you REALLY know what the competition is doing?

Darrell Mackus

Champions companies finding out what their opposition is doing through competitive intelligence departments, or a third‐party professional. Believes that if a company identifies…


It’s time to redraft your mission statement

Forest R. David, Fred R. David

Analyses mission statements and defines them as “enduring statements of purpose” that distinguish one organization from other similar enterprises. Suggest that a well‐crafted…


Surviving and thriving when your customers contract

Nancy J. Kaplan

Acknowledges how the telecoms industry has suffered a long slump and that there have been a number of high‐flying casualties. Contends there are three key strategic thrusts, which…

Six priorities that make a great strategic decision

Mary Burner Lippitt

Spotlights Iridium, the satellite phone system vision company, and how it stole a jump on its competitors when it started in 1998, with global communication networks for…


Innovative or die

P.K. Jagersma

Concentrates on innovation as an under‐exploited path to success in the business community, though reckons becoming innovative is not easy. Suggests innovative companies have a…


The need for speed

Robert Gandossy

Assesses how the pace of technology has an effect on our lives – even more so as nowadays technological advancement has exponentially expanded. Looks at how agile companies can…

Make more strategic use of customer satisfaction surveys

Bruce L. Katcher

Emphasizes that, when conducted properly, customer satisfaction surveys can provide a wealth of information, with direct relevance to an organization’s strategic plan, but when…


The character of organizations

Jorge E. Fernández, Robert T. Hogan

Discusses how organizations differ both in size and shape and character. Pinpoints four distinct value clusters, which are, the: achievement type; safekeeping type; collaborative…

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