Journal of Management Development


Human Resource Management

Table Of Contents: Volume 6 Issue 1

The Determinants of Managerial Satisfaction with the Expatriation and Repatriation Process

Luis Gomez‐Mejía, David B. Balkin

A survey of returned expatriate managers in an American multinational found that their assignments to subsidiary companies overseas had been an enjoyable experience for…

Assessment Centres: Breaking with Tradition

Peter Griffiths, Barry Allen

The current business world is very different to that in which the original assessment centres were designed 50 years ago. The traditional centre still serves well for…

Managers … A Disappearing Resource?

John W. Hunt

More people are preferring advisory to executive roles, and organisations are beginning to suffer from a lack of candidates for what is increasingly seen as the thankless…

A Unified Manager Development Programme

William D. Hitt

The majority of manager development programmes may be described as “piecemeal”, and the purpose of this article is to present a strategy for a unified programme — in which…

Management Development: The Fourth Blueprint

David Limerick, Bert Cunnington

Current management development techniques are obsolete. The West has passed through three eras — those of the classical model, the human relations model, and the systems…



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