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Road roughness acquisition and classification using improved restricted Boltzmann machine deep learning algorithm

Qinghua Liu, Lu Sun, Alain Kornhauser, Jiahui Sun, Nick Sangwa

To realize classification of different pavements, a road roughness acquisition system design and an improved restricted Boltzmann machine deep neural network algorithm…

Recognizing activities of the elderly using wearable sensors: a comparison of ensemble algorithms based on boosting

Yuchuan Wu, Shengfeng Qi, Feng Hu, Shuangbao Ma, Wen Mao, Wei Li

In human action recognition based on wearable sensors, most previous studies have focused on a single type of sensor and single classifier. This study aims to use a…

Detection of small target in sea clutter via multiscale directional Lyapunov exponents

Rui Wang, Xiangyang Li, Hongguang Ma, Hui Zhang

This study aims to provide a new method of multiscale directional Lyapunov exponents (MSDLE) calculated based on the state space reconstruction for the nonstationary time…

Automatic identification and autonomous sorting of cylindrical parts in cluttered scene based on monocular vision 3D reconstruction

Kun Wei, Yong Dai, Bingyin Ren

This paper aims to propose an identification method based on monocular vision for cylindrical parts in cluttered scene, which solves the issue that iterative closest point…

Design and characterization of a T-shaped two-axis force sensor

Liang Zhong, Feifei Li, Yuxin Peng, Qiang Yang, Mingming Zhang, Jian Wang

This paper aims to propose a type of T-shaped two-axis force sensor for measuring the forces in x- and z-axes. The developed sensor has a simple structure and can be…

Review of image low-level feature extraction methods for content-based image retrieval

Shenlong Wang, Kaixin Han, Jiafeng Jin

In the past few decades, the content-based image retrieval (CBIR), which focuses on the exploration of image feature extraction methods, has been widely investigated. The…

Development of an enzyme-based fiber optic biosensor for detection of haloalkanes

Nurul Hazwani Daud, Siti Nurbaya Oslan, Thean Chor Leow, Abu Bakar Salleh

The main purpose of this study is to demonstrate the development of an enzyme-based sensor for haloalkane detection. Haloalkane is a toxic compound that is found as…

Design of the trinitrotoluene biosensor using polydiacetylene conjugated with peptide receptors coated on GR-FETs with colorimetric response

Saeid Masoumi, Hassan Hajghassem

Smart biosensors that can perform sensitive and selective monitoring of target analytes are tremendously valuable for trinitrotoluene (TNT) explosive detection. In this…

Sensor system for use with low intensity pulsed ultrasound

Andreas Diermeier, Dirk Sindersberger, Peter Angele, Richard Kujat, Gareth John Monkman

Ultrasound is a well-established technology in medical science, though many of the conventional measurement systems (hydrophones and radiation force balances [RFBs]) often…

Optimization of internal thread structure of force sensor considering fatigue performance

Hongchun Sun, Tianlu Wang, Xindong Zhang

Fatigue damage of internal threads has gradually become the main failure mode of force sensor. To make the internal thread structure of force sensor meet the fatigue…

Spatio-temporal analysis of land use changes using remote sensing in Horqin sandy land, China

Zhenzhen Zhao, Jiandi Feng

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the characteristics of spatio-temporal dynamics and the evolution of land use change is essential for understanding and assessing…

Design and analysis of all optical biochemical sensors based on the coupled-ring reflectors

Sahar Feili, H.R. Sabouhi, Hassan Sobhani, M. Traz

This study aims to propose a new scheme for designing a high-sensitivity optical biosensor. For this, two agents have been considered: reflection-type micro-resonators…

Feasibility study on molecularly imprinted assays for biomedical diagnostics

Qian Yee Ang, Siew Chun Low

Molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) have aroused focus in medicinal chemistry in recent decades, especially for biomedical applications. Considering the exceptional…

Zone-based sink mobility in wireless sensor networks

Prasanth A., Pavalarajan S.

The purpose of this paper is to enhance the network lifetime of WSN. In wireless sensor network (WSN), the sensor nodes are widely deployed in a terrestrial environment to…

Temperature relevant performance and calibration of spin-valve sensor

Huachen Zhu, Zhenghong Qian, Jiaofeng Zhang, Yucheng Sun, Ru Bai, Jianguo Zhu

It has been noted that the spin-valve sensor exhibits lower sensitivity with higher temperature because of the variation of GMR ratio, which could lead to the measurement…

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