Assembly Automation: Volume 9 Issue 2


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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JBA trips the light fantastic

Jack Hollingum

AUTOMATED lamp manufacture is quite a large but specialised market which traditionally has been served by a small number of machine builders. The introduction of halogen…

Flexibility drives gear motor assembly

B. Aregger, P. von Burg

ASSEMBLY automation like other technologies has not developed continuously but in innovative spurts. The 1960s and 1970s produced the first generation of dedicated…

LK shares out it's experience

Ole Rhyl Nielse

A COMPANY manufacturing a product in large quantities, will typically choose to invest in a special‐purpose automatic assembly machine. LK, like most Danish companies…

Flexible step‐by‐step assembly automation

Bruno Lotter

The correct choice of basic assembly system design is essential to provide the flexibility to cope with market demands. Bruno Lotter explains.

Speed and precision from novel assembly robot

By applying principles first put forward in pen‐plotter designs Megamation has created an assembly robot that competes with dedicated electronic assembly equipment

Combining robotic assembly with just‐in‐time manufacture

David Gast

THE Vancouver Division of Hewlett‐Packard, Vancouver, Washington, USA, designs and manufactures workstation printers. The evolution of design and manufacturing processes…

Setting a trend in surface‐mount testing

Stephen McClelland

OF all the problems associated with electronic assembly, and surface‐mount in particular, none can claim to be more intractable, and consequently, overlooked or ignored…

A different approach in assembly technology

Brian Rooks

HAVING taken a back seat for a while development of assembly technology has again started to move forward. But, now there is a different approach; it is being treated as a…

Off‐line programming and simultation of flexible assembly

Gerhard Angermüller, Erich Niedermayr, Norbert Roth

IN a classification of the effects which lead to economic success of industries, the ability to successfully innovate the production processes plays a dominant role. The…



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