Assembly Automation: Volume 7 Issue 4


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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ARG installation integrates assembly with machining

At long last Austin Rover has revealed details of the £9 million FMS and the £2 million High Technology Centre (HTC) that have now been established at its plant in Longbridge, UK.

Ford's French supplier puts accent on precision

This year, the major part of French automation company Sormel's export orders originate from the UK. With a substantial proportion of the company's business coming from…

Assembling the whole world on a grain of silicon

You can do amazing things in microelectronics technology, and you can do them extremely cheaply. The idea of any student with a credit card having the power to design a…

Product has a hundred billion variations

Product variants are not the exception at Coutant Electronics — they are planned for in the production system. The UK company based in Ilfracombe, a scenic part of the…

Canon adopts automated assembly centre concept

Whareas many firms which use robots for assembly opt for a long line of robots and a short cycle time, Canon, the Japanese optical company, has adopted a system in which…



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