Assembly Automation: Volume 41 Issue 1


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Experimental investigation on nozzle diameter of vortex gripper

Jianghong Zhao, Xin Li

Vortex grippers use tangential nozzles to form vortex flow and are able to grip a workpiece without any physical contact, thus avoiding any unintentional workpiece damage…

Projection-based augmented reality system for assembly guidance and monitoring

Chengjun Chen, Zhongke Tian, Dongnian Li, Lieyong Pang, Tiannuo Wang, Jun Hong

This study aims to monitor and guide the assembly process. The operators need to change the assembly process according to the products’ specifications during manual…


Improved multi-objective cuckoo search algorithm with novel search strategies for point-to-point part feeding scheduling problems of automotive assembly lines

Binghai Zhou, Xiujuan Li, Yuxian Zhang

This paper aims to investigate the part feeding scheduling problem with electric vehicles (EVs) for automotive assembly lines. A point-to-point part feeding model has been…

An automated guided logistics robot for pallet transportation

Rui Lin, Haibo Huang, Maohai Li

This study aims to present an automated guided logistics robot mainly designed for pallet transportation. Logistics robot is compactly designed. It could pick up the…

Universal grey number theory for the uncertainty presence of wiper structural system

Zhiqiang Liang, Xintian Liu, Wang Yansong, Xiaolan Wang

This study aims to accurately evaluate the influence of various error intervals on the performance of the wiper.

A multi-innovation with forgetting factor based EKF-SLAM method for mobile robots

Zhen Zhou, Dongqing Wang, Boyang Xu

The purpose of this paper is to explore a multi-innovation with forgetting factor-based EKF-SLAM (FMI-EKF-SLAM) algorithm to solve the error increasing problem, caused by…

Analysis of assembly defects in the cam curved groove mechanism

Weibin Lan, Shouwen Fan, Shuai Fan

This paper aims to propose an elementary approach toward the identification of assembly defects of a cam curved groove mechanism.


A capsule-based collision detection approach of irregular objects in virtual maintenance

Yuxue Jin, Jie Geng, Zhiyi He, Chuan Lv, Tingdi Zhao

Virtual maintenance simulation is of great importance to help designers find and avoid design problems. During its simulation phase, besides the high precision…

Self-aided SINS for spiral-diving human-occupied vehicle in midwater

Xianjun Liu, Xixiang Liu, Hang Shen, Peijuan Li, Tongwei Zhang

Motivated by the problems that the positioning error of strap-down inertial navigation system (SINS) accumulates over time and few sensors are available for midwater…

A robot chamfering system for special-shaped and thin-walled workpieces

Mingyang Li, Zhijiang Du, Xiaoxing Ma, Wei Dong, Yongzhi Wang, Yongzhuo Gao, Wei Chen

This paper aims to propose a robotic automation system for processing special-shaped thin-walled workpieces, which includes a measurement part and a processing part.



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