Assembly Automation: Volume 40 Issue 4


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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An interference discrimination method for assembly sequence planning and assembly simulation

Wenlei Zhang, Mingxu Ma, Haiyan Li, Jiapeng Yu, Zhenwei Zhang

The purpose of this paper is to discriminate fake interference caused by polygonal approximation so as to achieve accurate assembly sequence planning and assembly simulation.

A measurement method of free-form tube based on multi-view vision for industrial assembly

Tianyi Wu, Jian Hua Liu, Shaoli Liu, Peng Jin, Hao Huang, Wei Liu

This paper aims to solve the problem of free-form tubes’ machining errors which are caused by their complex geometries and material properties.

An angle-changeable tracked robot with human-robot interaction in unstructured environments

Chengguo Zong, Zhijian Ji, Junzhi Yu, Haisheng Yu

The purpose of this paper is to study the adaptability of the tracked robot in complex working environment. It proposes an angle-changeable tracked robot with human–robot…

Mechanism and quantitative evaluation model of slip-induced loosening for bolted joints

Qingchao Sun, Qingyuan Lin, Bin Yang, Xianlian Zhang, Lintao Wang

Bolted joints are the most common type of mechanical connections, and improving the anti-loosening performance of bolts for the reliable performance of mechanical and…

Design of H_/H∞ fault detection observer for closed-loop nonlinear system with disturbance

Zhengquan Chen, Lu Han, Yandong Hou

This paper proposes a novel method of fault detection, which is based on H_/H∞ Runge–Kutta observer and an adaptive threshold for a class of closed-loop non-linear…

A fuzzy-regression-PSO based hybrid method for selecting welding conditions in robotic gas metal arc welding

Amruta Rout, Deepak Bbvl, Bibhuti B. Biswal, Golak Bihari Mahanta

This paper aims to propose fuzzy-regression-particle swarm optimization (PSO) based hybrid optimization approach for getting maximum weld quality in terms of weld strength…

Active disturbance rejection control strategy for airborne radar stabilization platform based on cascade extended state observer

Dong Mei, Zhu-Qing Yu

This paper aims to improve the anti-interference ability of the airborne radar stabilization platform, especially the ability to suppress continuous disturbance under…

A flexible planning methodology for product family assembly line based on improved NSGA_II

Yongming Wu, Xudong Zhao, Yanxia Xu, Yuling Chen

The product family assembly line (PFAL) is a mixed model-assembly line, which is widely used in mass customization and intelligent manufacturing. The purpose of this paper…

Haptic-enabled virtual planning and assessment of product assembly

Enrique Gallegos-Nieto, Hugo I. Medellin-Castillo, Yan Xiu-Tian, Jonathan Corney

This study aims to present a new haptic-enabled virtual assembly system for the automatic generation and objective assessment of assembly plans. The system is intended to…


3D long-term recurrent convolutional networks for human sub-assembly recognition in human-robot collaboration

Xianhe Wen, Heping Chen

Human assembly process recognition in human–robot collaboration (HRC) has been studied recently. However, most research works do not cover high-precision and long-timespan…



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