Assembly Automation: Volume 40 Issue 2


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Preparation of complex surface coatings based on electrospark computer integrated deposition system

X.R. Wang, Z.Q. Wang, T.S. Lin, P. He, R.J. Wang, M.Y. Bao

Electrospark deposition (ESD) attracts special attention from scientists and engineers because of its unique advantages. However, the ESD process has been carried out by…

Application of sensitive dimensionless parameters and PSO–SVM for fault classification in rotating machinery

Aisong Qin, Qin Hu, Qinghua Zhang, Yunrong Lv, Guoxi Sun

Rotating machineries are widely used in manufacturing, petroleum, chemical, aircraft, and other industries. To accurately identify the operating conditions of such…

Peg-in-hole assembly based on master-slave coordination for a compliant dual-arm robot

Yanjiang Huang, Yanglong Zheng, Nianfeng Wang, Jun Ota, Xianmin Zhang

The paper aims to propose an assembly scheme based on master–slave coordination for a compliant dual-arm robot to complete a peg-in-hole assembly task.

A deep learning based automatic surface segmentation algorithm for painting large-size aircraft with 6-DOF robot

Guolei Wang, Xiaotong Hua, Jing Xu, Libin Song, Ken Chen

This paper aims to achieve automatically surface segmentation for painting different kinds of aircraft efficiently considering the demands of painting robot.

Position analysis of brushless direct current motor using robust fixed order H-infinity controller

Sikander Hans, Smarajit Ghosh

The efficient speed controller is found to be an important requirement to run the motor for the brushless direct current (BLDC) motor. This requirement is considered as…

An integrated approach for line balancing and AGV scheduling towards smart assembly systems

Humyun Fuad Rahman, Mukund Nilakantan Janardhanan, Peter Nielsen

Optimizing material handling within the factory is one of the key problems of modern assembly line systems. The purpose of this paper is to focus on simultaneously…

ACD3GPSO: automatic clustering-based algorithm for multi-robot task allocation using dynamic distributed double-guided particle swarm optimization

Asma Ayari, Sadok Bouamama

The multi-robot task allocation (MRTA) problem is a challenging issue in the robotics area with plentiful practical applications. Expanding the number of tasks and robots…

Parallel calibration based on modified trim strategy

Yaxin Peng, Naiwu Wen, Chaomin Shen, Xiaohuang Zhu, Shihui Ying

Partial alignment for 3 D point sets is a challenging problem for laser calibration and robot calibration due to the unbalance of data sets, especially when the overlap of…

Distributed dissipative filtering for flexible manipulator with randomly occurring uncertainties and missing data

Xiaodong Zhang, Tao Xiao

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the dissipative filtering problem for a flexible manipulator (FM) with randomly occurring uncertainties and randomly occurring…

Double-rotator and valve plate distribution radial piston pump

Peng Dong, Shengdun Zhao, Shuqin Fan, Muzhi Zhu, Peng Zhang

The drive shaft and the distribution shaft of a traditional radial piston pump are in a cantilever state. To solve this problem, this paper aims to present a radial piston…

Optimization of a multi-constraint two-sided assembly line balancing problem using an improved imperialist competitive algorithm

Mingshun Yang, Li Ba, Erbao Xu, Yan Li, Yong Liu, Xinqin Gao

Assembly is the last step in manufacturing processes. The two-sided assembly line balancing problem (TALBP) is a typical research focus in the field of combinatorial…

Wrinkle and boundary detection of fiber products in robotic composites manufacturing

Kashish Gupta, Marian Körber, Abtin Djavadifar, Florian Krebs, Homayoun Najjaran

The paper aims to focus on a vision-based approach to advance the automated process of the manufacturing of an Airbus A350’s pressure bulkhead. The setup enables automated…

A review: virtual assembly of flexible cables based on physical modeling

Hongwang Du, Wei Xiong, Haitao Wang, Zuwen Wang

Cables are widely used, and they play a key role in complex electromechanical products such as vehicles, ships, aircraft and satellites. Cable design and assembly…

Compliant assembly deviation analysis of large-scale thin-walled structures in different clamping schemes via ANCF

Xun Xu, Haidong Yu, Yunyong Li, Xinmin Lai

The structure stiffness is greatly affected by the fixture constraints during assembly due to the flexibility of large-scale thin-walled structures. The compliant…

Automatically generating assembly sequences with an ontology-based approach

Yanru Zhong, Chaohao Jiang, Yuchu Qin, Guoyu Yang, Meifa Huang, Xiaonan Luo

The purpose of this paper is to present and develop an ontology-based approach for automatic generation of assembly sequences.

Nonrigid point set registration based on Laplace mixture model with local constraints

Chao Xu, Xianqiang Yang, Xiaofeng Liu

This paper aims to investigate a probabilistic mixture model for the nonrigid point set registration problem in the computer vision tasks. The equations to estimate the…

A multi-object posture coordination method with tolerance constraints for aircraft components assembly

Yifan Zhang, Qing Wang, Anan Zhao, Yinglin Ke

This paper aims to improve the alignment accuracy of large components in aircraft assembly and an evaluation algorithm, which is based on manufacture accuracy and…

Optimizing assembly sequence planning using precedence graph-based assembly subsets prediction method

Nan Zhang, Zhenyu Liu, Chan Qiu, Weifei Hu, Jianrong Tan

Assembly sequence planning (ASP) plays a vital role in assembly process because it directly influences the feasibility, cost and time of the assembly process. The purpose…



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