Assembly Automation: Volume 36 Issue 3


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Guaranteed cost design for model-based cyber-physical assembly: a convex optimization approach

Bin Liu

The purpose of this paper is to propose a guaranteed cost control design procedure for model-based cyber–physical assembly (CPA) systems. To reflect the cyber–physical…

Tolerance simulation of composite wingbox assembly considering preloading-modified distribution

Hua Wang, Jun Liu

Tolerance simulation’s reliability depends on the concordance between the input probability distribution and the real variation. The prescribed clamp force introduced…

A new approach for estimating leagile decoupling point using data envelopment analysis

Arash Shahin, Angappa Gunasekaran, Azam Khalili, Hadi Shirouyehzad

This paper aims to propose a new approach for determining a decoupling point in leagile chain, based on Lean and agile criteria regarding market and customer demands and…

An integer-coded differential evolution algorithm for simple assembly line balancing problem of type 2

Haijun Zhang, Qiong Yan, Yuanpeng Liu, Zhiqiang Jiang

This paper aims to develop a new differential evolution algorithm (DEA) for solving the simple assembly line balancing problem of type 2 (SALBP-2).

Parallel autonomous guided vehicle assembly line for a semi-continuous manufacturing system

Hamed Fazlollahtabar

This paper aims to propose a parallel automated assembly line system to produce multiple products in a semi-continuous system.


A method for common design structure discovery in assembly models using information from multiple sources

Jie Zhang, Mi Zuo, Pan Wang, Jian-feng Yu, Yuan Li

Design is a time-consuming process for mechanical production. Some design structures frequently occur in different products and can be shared by multiple assembly models…

Modeling and predicting of aeronautical thin-walled sheet metal parts riveting deformation

Zhengping Chang, Zhongqi Wang, Bo Jiang, Jinming Zhang, Feiyan Guo, Yonggang Kang

Riveting deformation is inevitable because of local relatively large material flows and typical compliant parts assembly, which affect the final product dimensional…

Dimensional variation propagation modeling and analysis for single-station assembly based on multiple constraints graph

Jian-feng Yu, Wen-Bin Tang, Yuan Li, Jie Zhang

Modeling and analysis of dimensional variation propagation is a crucial support technology for variation reduction, product/process design evaluation and recognition of…

Collision avoidance for mobile robots based on artificial potential field and obstacle envelope modelling

Zhenyu Wu, Guang Hu, Lin Feng, Jiping Wu, Shenglan Liu

This paper aims to investigate the collision avoidance problem for a mobile robot by constructing an artificial potential field (APF) based on geometrically modelling the…

Logic workflow structure modeling of product variant design and activity path generating

Xinsheng Xu, Tiequn Huang, Cheng Wang, Jun Yuan, Fanfan Zhu

Product variant design process consists of a series of asynchronous activities. These activities and the logic relations among them are important in constructing general…



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