Assembly Automation: Volume 16 Issue 2


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Dimensional management versus tolerance assignment

Mark Craig

Looks at the advantages of dimensional management in improving quality and reducing cost through controlled variation and robost design as opposed to the more traditional…


A vision‐guided robotic water jet cutting system

Patrick Hillberg

Describes an application using machine vision as a sensing device to allow robots to adapt according to their use. Describes the application in focus, lists the…


NanoPositioning – extreme calibration

Malachy McConnell

NanoPositioning is a combination of piezoelectric ceramics, capacitance sensors and flexure hinges, and is the art of positioning in space with resolutions of one…


Novel mechanism with a twist in the tale

Dai Wen Yue, Gao Yi Ping, Zang Li, Yang Dong, Tian Wan Lu, Zhang Tai Bao

Details a new type of screwing mechanical hand which has been developed. There are three distinguishing features on the structures and functions of the mechanical hand: it…


Knowing your orientation

Ernest Valentovic

Describes a new evaluation method for the orientation characteristics of parts, based on the idea that within Euclidean 3D space there should exist three, instead of two…


PCB presentation

David Cawthray

Addresses the problem of printed circuit board inspection. Gives an example of an approach which aims to overcome the difficulties associated with it.


Configurator goes live for Wynn Marine

John Reader

Discusses manufacturing control systems using Cheltenham‐based assembly firm, Wynn Marine, as an example. Finds that here a new system of computing has halved the time…




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