Assembly Automation: Volume 1 Issue 2


The international journal of assembly technology and management

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Intergrating parts inspection and functional control during automatic assembly

A. Camera, G.F. Migliardi

The DEA PRAGMA A3000 robot can be used to perform a quality control function which can be integrated into component manipulation and assembly functions. The authors…

Assembling shells calls for precision on every front

The Royal Ordnance Factory has recently taken delivery of a complex automatic assembly line to produce 27 mm. round as part of Tornado armament. The machine was designed…

The flexible parts feeder which helps a robot assemble automatically

T. Suzuki, M. Kohno

A flexible part feeding systems has been developed in conjunction with a six‐axis robot and vision to assemble 13 components into a portable tape recorder.

Automatic assembly of transformers

B.G. Avetikov, A.N. Tsvetkov, Ye. I. Yurevich

Flexible assembly systems in any part of the world are still rare. From the USSR is a report of a machine that is working and saving money. Using industrial robots and an…

Automated assembly of integrated circuits gives flexibility, productivity

H. Ozaki, N. Sakai

Increasing demand for integrated circuits has put emphasis on the need for flexibility and productivity in any system developed to assemble them into systems. Added…

Simplicity is the key to automatic assembly

John Hartley

Much of the automation in Japanese assembly lines is simple and relies heavily on co‐operation from the operators to keep it going.



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