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Should before or after tax equilibria point elasticities be calculated when the Laffer effect is considered in a micro market?

Ahmet Özçam

Traditionally, the Laffer effect has been discussed in the context of endogenous growth models or in the case of the labor market with respect to willingness to supply…

An evaluation of the revenue side as a source of fiscal consolidation in high debt economies

Ritwik Banerjee

Unsustainable levels of debt in some European economies are causing enormous strain in the Euro area. Successful debt consolidation in high-debt economies is the single…

Off-balance sheet activities and community bank performance

Russell D. Kashian, Ran Tao

The purpose of this paper is to examine loan commitments and lending patterns of community banks. The authors also test for shifts in these relationships in the period…

The social valuation of income: a survey approach

David John Evans, Erhun Kula, Yoko Nagase

– The purpose of this paper is to estimate survey-based values of the elasticity of marginal social valuation of income, an important welfare parameter in cost-benefit analysis.

The long run industrial growth of Veracruz state, 1955-2008

Gregory J. Brock

Has the Mexican inter-regional growth and convergence experience also occurred within single regions? Using the important southern region of Veracruz, the purpose of this…

An empirical analysis of intra industry trade in manufactures between Korea and ASEAN

Hoan Thanh Phan, Young Ji Jeong

The purpose of this paper is to empirically investigate the patterns and determinants of intra-industry trade (IIT) in manufactures between Korea and selected ASEAN…

Noise traders and the rational investors: a comparison of the 1990s and the 2000s

Shady Kholdy, Ahmad Sohrabian

The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast the effect of individual and institutional sentiments on the US stock returns during a prolonged bull phase of ten…

Fiscal externalities in a three-tier structure of government

Andreas Kappeler

Federal systems are often more sophisticated than assumed in the literature. In many cases, at least three tiers of government are involved in federal decision making. The…

Monetary policy, prudential regulation and investment: Evidence from Brazil considering the bank lending channel

Gabriel Caldas Montes, Gabriel Gonçalves do Vale Monteiro

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the influence of prudential regulation and monetary policies on the supply of credit as well as the influence of such policies on…

Measuring the social capabilities and the implication on innovation : Evidence from a special industrial cluster

Annunziata de Felice

The purpose of this paper is to seek to develop a rigorous analysis of social capabilities (SC) and measuring them in a special industrial cluster, considering the key…

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