International Journal of Operations & Production Management: Volume 40 Issue 5


Table of contents - Special Issue: The use of social media in operations and supply chain management

Guest Editors: Edwin Cheng, Hugo K.S. Lam, Andrew C. Lyons, Andy C.L. Yeung

The impact of social media signals on supplier selection: insights from two experiments

Aneesh Banerjee, Jörg M. Ries, Caroline Wiertz

Online B2B markets offer buyers a new source of information provided by social media signals about suppliers. These signals have not yet received much attention in the supplier…


The influence of team social media usage on individual knowledge sharing and job performance from a cross-level perspective

Xiling Cui, Baofeng Huo, Yang Lei, Qiang Zhou

The purpose of this paper is to examine how team social media usage (SMU) affects two types of knowledge sharing (KS), namely, in-role and extra-role KS, and then individual job…


Social media–based customer service and firm reputation

Yujuan Guo, Di Fan, Xiao Zhang

This study investigates the effects of using social media for customer service on firms' reputation building. In addition, this study explores the role of absorptive capacity, ISO…


The dark side of social media connectivity: Influence on turnover intentions of supply chain professionals

Guiyao Tang, Shuang Ren, Doren Chadee, Shuo Yuan

The increasing use of social media after work hours for work purposes, termed social media connectivity (SMC), is an emerging phenomenon in supply chain management. Although SMC…


The role of social media in managing supplier attractiveness: An investigation of business-to-business markets

Zsófia Tóth, Martin Liu, Jun Luo, Christos Braziotis

Managing attractiveness is a constant challenge to mobilize relationship-specific investments, especially in a business environment increasingly enhanced by social media (SM…


Unpacking the impact of social media analytics on customer satisfaction: do external stakeholder characteristics matter?

Yichuan Wang, Minhao Zhang, Ying Kei Tse, Hing Kai Chan

Underpinned by the lens of Contingency Theory (CT), the purpose of this paper is to empirically evaluate whether the impact of social media analytics (SMA) on customer…


Leveraging social media in new product development: organisational learning processes, mechanisms and evidence from China

Yuanzhu Zhan, Kim Hua Tan, Leanne Chung, Lujie Chen, Xinjie Xing

The main purpose of this paper is to investigate how social media can provide important platforms to facilitate organisational learning and innovation in new product development…

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