International Journal of Manpower: Volume 28 Issue 7


An interdisciplinary journal on human resources, management & labour economics

Table of contents - Special Issue: Labour contracts, wages and employment

Guest Editors: Carlo Altavilla, Benot Mahy, Franois Rycx

Temporary agency work and the business cycle

Marloes de Graaf‐Zijl, Ernest E. Berkhout

The purpose of this paper is to test the relationship between gross domestic product (GDP) and agency work.


Reasons for part‐time work: an empirical analysis for Germany and The Netherlands

Piet Allaart, Lutz Bellmann

This paper is a cross‐national study of the incidence of part‐time work. The purpose of this paper is to investigate to what extent the difference between Germany and The…


The part‐time wage penalty in European countries: how large is it for men?

Síle O'Dorchai, Robert Plasman, François Rycx

This paper aims to measure and analyse the wage gap between male part‐ and full‐timers in the private sector of six European countries, i.e. Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Italy…

Do the unemployed become successful entrepreneurs?

Pernilla Andersson, Eskil Wadensjö

Many unemployed people become self‐employed. Self‐employment, however, does not necessarily lead to success. The main objective of the paper is to compare the economic outcome and…


Designing the optimal length of working time: a counterfactual policy analysis

Carlo Altavilla, Antonio Garofalo, Concetto Paolo Vinci

How many hours per week should workers in the USA and Germany spend at their paying jobs? The present paper aims to address this question by constructing policymakers' reaction…

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