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Walking on a thin line! Empirical examination of work–home boundary violations faced by employees during forced work from home

S.M. Ramya, Jasmine Banu, Aswathy Asokan Ajitha, Rupashree Baral

This research aims to study employees' pandemic-induced work–home boundary violations using the work–home boundary model. Boundary theory and social theories provide the…

A field study of age discrimination in the workplace: the importance of gender and race‒pay the gap

Nick Drydakis, Anna Paraskevopoulou, Vasiliki Bozani

The study examines whether age intersects with gender and race during the initial stage of the hiring process and affects access to vacancies outcomes and wage sorting.


Unions' role in intersectional age discrimination litigation cases

Marsha Katz, Helen LaVan

How older workers pursue their employment discrimination claims is the focus of this study. This is part of the broader question of how older, unionized employees pursuing their…

The role of contextual factors in shaping HRM formality in SMEs

Muhammad Burhan, Omar Abou Hamdan, Hussain Tariq, Zahid Hameed, Rana Muhammad Naeem

This study examines the influence of contextual factors (e.g. age and ownership type) on HRM formality (including the underlying functions of recruitment, selection, training and…

Millennials and the gender wage gap: do millennial women face a glass ceiling?

Gustavo A. García, Diego René Gonzales-Miranda, Óscar Gallo, Juan Pablo Roman Calderon

This study aims to measure the gender wage gap among millennial workers in Colombia and determine if there is a marked wage difference between millennial women and men…

Union influence on change-oriented organizational citizenship behavior: evidence from China

Enhua Hu, Mingyan Han, Mengyue Zhang, Lin Huang, Hongmei Shan

Despite the considerable research into China's industrial relation system, little attention has been focused on what do Chinese unions at the enterprise level do and how their…

Resourcing remuneration committees: in the dark or on the dark side of professionalisation?

Susan Shortland, Stephen J. Perkins

The purpose of this paper is to examine how individuals involved in top pay determination view their role and accountabilities, and capability development needs, theorised under…

Launching the dynamic employee engagement framework: towards a better understanding of the phenomenon

Amanda S. Davis, Beatrice I.J.M. Van der Heijden

The dynamic employee engagement framework visually delineates employee engagement from its antecedents and responds to the debates regarding how employee engagement is positioned…

Labour policy in the face of the COVID-19 socio-economic crisis in Spain: institutional change and social pacts

Luis Cárdenas, Paloma Villanueva

This study aims to analyse the institutional changes in the Spanish labour market in the light of the measures introduced to support workers during the COVID-19 crisis. Applying…

A digital job application reference: how do social media posts affect the recruitment process?

Mahmut Demir, Yusuf Günaydın

This study aims to determine the influence of candidate employees' social media accounts (SMAs) on human resource (HR) professionals' hiring decisions as a job application…


The influence of national culture on employee voice in small and medium enterprises: a cross-cultural perspective

Aidan McKearney, Rea Prouska, Monrudee Tungtakanpoung, John Opute

The purpose of this paper is to examine how employee voice in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is shaped by national culture. Specifically, the paper explores the relationship…

Wages and corporate social responsibility: entrenchment or ethics?

Patricia Crifo, Marc-Arthur Diaye, Sanja Pekovic

In this article the authors examine how corporate social responsibility (CSR) affects the wage policy of firms. At the first glance, one may think that socially responsible firms…

Work changes and employee perceptions of co-worker flexible work policy use: a moderated mediation study

Svetlana Davis, Sara A. Murphy, Joanna Watkins

The present research aims to understand how and why flexible work arrangement (FWA) policy use by co-workers affects policy non-users by investigating perceived changes to work…

Integrating green human resource management and circular economy to enhance sustainable performance: an empirical study from the Qatari service sector

Shatha M. Obeidat, Shahira Abdalla, Anas Abdel Karim Al Bakri

This study aims to contribute to the current Green human resource management (HRM) field by providing an empirical examination of a comprehensive model that tests the effect of…

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