Management Research News: Volume 27 Issue 11/12


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Generation X and the boomers: organizational myths and literary realities

Steven H. Appelbaum, Maria Serena, Barbara T. Shapiro

An extensive literature search was conducted to better understand and to dispel the current stereotypes in the workplace regarding Generation X and Baby Boomers. For the purpose…


Would you like chips with that?: consumer perspectives of RFID

Rusty L. Juban, David C. Wyld

Addresses consumer perspectives of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). States that some consumers put up barriers against new technology, while others welcome innovations…


A broad study of the strategic group – performance relation: the movement of Spanish savings and loans across strategic groups

M Valle Santos Alvarez

Argues that researchers need to recognize the importance of the temporal factor in research on strategic groups, paying more attention to interdependencies between a firm’s…

Choice of debt in dual offerings

Devrim Yaman

In this study we analyze the determinants of the type and structure of debt included in dual offerings of debt and equity. Our sample consists of 54 dual offerings of convertible…


Speculative excesses in inital pricing of IPOS in the secondary market

Nancy Beneda

This paper examines the pricing of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in the secondary market on the first day of aftermarket trading. The focus of this study is on shifts in average…

Organisational strategic orientation and its impact on non‐financial performance measurement in the financial services industry

Mostaque Hussain

Management Accounting (MA) practice is one strand in the complex weave that makes up the social fabric. Social patterns of interaction and societal presuppositions that impel…


Creative industries: economic contributions, management challenges and support initiatives

Peter Jones, Daphne Comfort, Ian Eastwood, David Hillier

States that the idea of grouping a number of cultural, commercial and industrial activities together under the banner of the “creative industries” is relatively new but it has…




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