Management Research News: Volume 18 Issue 10/11


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Participation Effects on Workplace Attitudes

Randy Hodson

Increased worker autonomy and participation are being proclaimed as the foundation for economic competitiveness in the 1990s (Reich, 1991). Management has been generally favorable…

Supervision — A Key Resource in Modern Manufacturing

Peter Senker

Manufacturing has changed considerably in Britain in the last several years. There have been changes in management style, in particular from the authoritarian style traditional in…

The Use of Charitable Contributions in Mail Surveys with a Business Population

A.J. Faria, John R. Dickinson

The promise of a charitable contribution on behalf of respondents to mail surveys may prove effective in increasing response rates as well as offering cost and administration…

The Diffusion of Knowledge and the Role of Cognitions in Technology Design

Jacky Swan, Sue Newell, Maxine Robertson

This paper provides an overview of a series of research projects investigating the diffusion and appropriation of technologies for production and inventory control (PIC). These…

Dimensions of Working Hard: How Effort Affects Sales Performance and Job Satisfaction

Steven P. Brown, Thomas W. Leigh

Questions regarding what motivates people to perform their best and feel good about their jobs are of enduring interest to managers and researchers. Understanding the motives that…

Caveat Emptor Applies to the Consumption of Published Empirical Research Results, Too

Raymond Hubbard, R. Murray Lindsay

As a consumer of research published in scientific journals, do you ever wonder what degree of belief you should place on the results being presented? Alternatively, and perhaps…

Business Information Technology Degree Courses: A Progress Report

Walter Skok

Business Information Technology (BIT) is a relatively new and still developing concept, which is offered as an under‐graduate programme of study at an ever‐increasing number of…



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