Management Research News: Volume 1 Issue 1


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Legal Aspects of Bullock

D. Alderson

This report sets out neither to bury nor praise Bullock. The intention is simply to consider the legal implications of the proposals, not to consider the proposals on merit.

Shop Floor Attitudes to Worker Participation

The survey reported here was conducted against a background of considerable debate about worker participation. The debate may, however, fail to reflect the real interests and…

The Connection Between Strikes and Inflation

Tim Sweet

The main finding reported in this paper is that, during the recent wave of strikes in industrial countries, the upsurge in strikes preceded, rather than followed, the increase in…

Winners and Losers: Pay Patterns in the 1970s

Christopher Saunders, Santos Mukherjee, David Marsden, Alison Donaldson

In this report, published by PEP and Sussex University's Centre for Contemporary European Studies, the authors hope that union leaderships will again be able to exercise enough…

A New Paradigm for Description and Evaluation of Competitive Relations?

Lars Persson

There is undoubtedly a need for description and understanding of the way in which firms, consumers and society at large interact in a market economy. The need is for description…

Price Discrimination by Non‐uniform Pricing

Brian T. Batchford

Two‐part pricing and block pricing are two extensively used techniques for price discrimination which seem to have received little attention in the marketing literature. Also, it…

The Strategic Context of Interfirm Co‐operation

Anders Edström, Bengt Högberg

Theories of organisations provide alternative explanations of why business firms create linkage mechanisms such as joint ventures for interfirm co‐ordination and decision‐making…

Labour Market Policy

A major programme of research on labour market policy is under way at the International Institute of Management, Berlin. Worldwide economic and social changes have created…

The French Approach to the Humanisation of Work

Yves Delamotte

Since 1968 France has seen the subject of ‘working conditions’ appear in newspapers and political speeches. In 1971, certain disputes drew attention to the position of workers in…

Group Production Methods and Humanisation of Work: The Evidence in Industrialised Countries

John L. Burbidge

A paper has been published by the International Institute for Labour Studies which considers the relationship between the new methods of group production now being introduced in…

Industry in the Development Areas: The Experience of Firms Opening New Factories

Jim Northcott

This PEP report finds that firms opening new factories in the Special Development Areas have varied greatly in their experience, but for every firm dissatisfied with its…

Employee Attitudes to Relocation

The aim of this research is to establish what is expected of companies involved in the relocation of personnel. The findings are based on depth interviews with couples who have…

Tenure of Trade Union Office

Bernard Gernigon

This study is confined to problems relating to trade union leaders in the strict sense of the term, i.e. persons performing management functions at any level within the trade…

Advertising Education

N.A. Hart

The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between advertising qualifications and career success in that industry. An initial consideration of methodological…

Extending the ‘ISLAM’ Concept

John Kirkman

The Communication Studies Unit of the University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology is to help the L, M. Ericsson Company, Stockholm to develop a ‘control‐led’ form of…

The Marketing of Consumer Products in an Inflationary/Low‐Growth Economy

H.K. Lau

This study aims to examine some of the special techniques required for the marketing of consumer products during periods of significant inflation and low economic growth.



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