Planning Review: Volume 5 Issue 2


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Unrestrained growth baits the hook of inflation

Hazel Henderson

There still exists today, after millions of words from learned economists on the subject, much confusion concerning the definition, causes, and effects of “inflation.”…

Interviewing Professor Mintzberg's “Right Brain”

Robert J. Allio

Probably every planner, while reading an article about managing, has felt a twinge of discomfort or gnaw of disbelief over the discrepancy between management as it is…

A telltale blowing in the trade winds

Albert J. de Grandpré

The role of the planner in our modern society reminds me of the reply given by a would‐be speaker to a request to address a group of scientists. If the time allotted to my…

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Long and short‐range‐planning helps, as in the chemical and and drug industry, with planners beating nonplanners' sales and profits by 60 percent. To start formal…

Persuading groups to buy ideas

Lyle Yorks

Most executives find it necessary to make a number of persuasive presentations during their business careers. Planners must convince management committees to adopt new…

Jockeying for position in the career steeplechase

Peter Baiardi

“I thought planning was strictly a staff coordinating job that had poor acceptance and low entrepreneurial content. I thought it was a fast track to oblivion,” says Howard…

New rules for the confidence game

David E. Langsam

“There's a hole in the ship of free enterprise and I see torpedoes ahead,” graphically explained one CEO to the authors of this work. His concern about the future course…


“Alternatives to Growth '77” Conference. Many of those who attended the “Limits to Growth '75” conference think energy will be the number one growth issue facing the…



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