Planning Review: Volume 4 Issue 4


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Planner at the Helm

Robert J. Allio, Robert Randall

With this interview of W.R. Goodwin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Johns‐Manville, Planning Review initiates a series of articles designed to elicit the opinion…


Matching action plans to market development stage

Peter P. Pekar

Uncertainty is the norm of our time: uncertainty with the U.S. economy, uncertainty with continuing oil supplies at a reasonable price, uncertainty with continued economic…

Using the computer in planning

Clark Holloway

The essential factor in business is profit. No company can improve the environment, provide social uplift, and give its employees security if it is bankrupt. A firm can…

Managers should marry models

E. Leonard Arnoff

The “key” to planning effectively lies in wider, and better, use of mathematical models, that is, mathematical models, that is, mathematical representations of a process…

Accounting for uncertainty in the capital budget

Robert S. Hoyle, George S. Dawkins

Capital budgeting (CB) is a resource allocation problem encountered by top management faced with deciding which capital projects should be selected for implementation. The…

Financial plans that are tempered to bend

Surendra S. Singhvi

This article discusses some concepts related to planning for financial flexibility used at Armco. The planning process and concepts are equally applicable in other…



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