Planning Review: Volume 3 Issue 4


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Process is more important than product; Or throw out the plan and keep the planner

Jay S. Mendell, W. Lynn Tanner

The Myth of Rationality. To prepare a technology assessment is to engage in a struggle between openness and closedness. This is the inherent struggle of planning and…

Communications — The art of getting through to people — Part III

John D. Drake

This article is the third in a series on new behavioral techniques in communications. The first introduced the concept that most individuals have a communication style…

Prophets of change

R.J. Allio

During the past decade the North American Society for Corporate Planning has matured from a small New York‐based group into a vigorous organization with eleven chapters in…

Corporate planning in major Japanese enterprises

K.‐A. Ringbakk

The practice of organized corporate planning in major Japanese enterprises is more sophisticated, further developed, and better accepted than most Westerners recognize…

A case history of strategic planning

Milton Leontiades

There is a certain ambivalence between the theory of corporate planning and a case history used to illustrate it. On the one hand theory must generalize and capture enough…

Forecasting for planning

John C. Chambers, Satinder K. Mullick

Identifying Turning Points. In our first article in this series we described the new environment in which business must operate and its effects on forecasting and…

Altered states of consciousness: Creative alternatives in decision making

Raymond Van Over

Are hunches, intuition, and extrasensory perception valid methods for making business decisions? The reasonable answer is no. Our intellectual and cultural history…

Economics: The new handmaiden of politics

Robert Mathieson

The Chief Executive's attention for the moment is riveted on the short‐term problem of weathering the tidal waves of the current inflation‐Tecession economic storm. But…



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