Planning Review: Volume 3 Issue 1


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The politics of corporate model building

Thomas H. Naylor

A recent survey by Social Systems, Inc., indicates that since 1970 over 1000 corporations in the United States and Canada have begun developing and using corporate simulation…

Separate realities for the planner

R.J. Allio

Implicit in models of the planning process is the notion of a data base perceived by the decision‐maker. Decisions are taken on the basis of the decision‐maker's perception of the…

Is there hope for man? A new phase in the work of the Institute for World Order

Harry B. Hollins

In January 1974, Robert L. Heilbroner wrote: There is a question in the air, a question so disturbing that I would hesitate to ask it aloud did I not believe it existed unvoiced…

Managing a project to install an integrated management system

Robert B. Youker

After the appointment of a new administrator of the Social and Rehabilitation Service, which is the DHEW agency concerned with the welfare program in the United States, top…

Planning as politics

M.L. Hurni

The trade literature on planning, as distinct from the learned literature, contains more than its share of anxious concern about the future of the practice. This anxiety seems to…

Africa and the oil crisis: Background of the conflict

S.O. Hashim

The energy crisis has hit the Third World countries, which can least afford high prices for energy and petrochemicals, much more harshly than the developed countries. The…

New prospects for investment in a Scarcity Inflationary Environment

Kalman J. Cohen, Robert F. Mathieson

Although the current world recession has deflected interest away from the question of supply adequacy, it remains a long‐term problem. To be sure, inventories are now being…



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