Planning Review: Volume 16 Issue 6


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Sainthood for U.S. manufacturing? More managers are talking about heaven than going there

Dennis G. Severance, Jacque H. Passino

Fundamental changes in product, process, and organization have rocked the manufacturing industry of this country during the last decade. In an effort to document the…

Guidelines for a product technology strategy

Douglas L. Replogle

In 1917, the American Locomotive and Baldwin Locomotive companies were among the 100 largest corporations in America. This gave them all the advantages associated with…

How to avoid the technical traps in product development

Robert Frumerman

Every company engaged in the development of new products can expect some failures. Since each successive stage of development increases in cost by roughly ten times, the…

Taking a flyer on wind technology

Lester Neidell

We read case studies to train ourselves to make better business decisions. But some cases, like this one, aren't a model for decision analysis. The Wind Technology story…

The sugar daddy gambit: Funding strategic alliances with Venture Capital

H. Lee Mathews, Thomas W. Harvey

Why is Tandem Computers, a $1 billion a year computer firm, buying a minority equity interest in a company with less than 50 employees? Why is Eastman Kodak, with more…



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