Planning Review: Volume 10 Issue 3


Table of contents

Incremental strategic planning: A creative adaptation

Douglas C. Eadie, Nolen M. Ellison, Grace C. Brown

Like those of other older industrial areas in the Midwest and Northeast, Cleveland's problems are many and deepseated. Overall economic stagnation and population loss have…

Quality of work life: A clear and present danger

Ted Mills

The effective and ingenious tapping of people resources has become an important long‐range strategic concern. But as we witness company after company and union after union…

Visionary management

Martha A. Glenn, Dudley Lynch, Jay S. Mendell

In the past decade, rapid developments in the brain sciences have helped educators understand in plain terms the prolific areas of the mind that are routinely ignored in a…

Has corporate diversification gone too far?

John Thackray

The most recent wave of merger frenzy has created considerable anxiety and wide‐spread criticism about bigness in business. Over and over again we hear the accusation that…

The business of executive development

Peter M. Baiardi

The demands placed on business and managers from an ever‐changing environment have transformed the once sleepy professional seminar business into a $2‐billion‐a‐year industry.

U‐C analysis: Management's new tool

Elmer H. Burack, M. Zia Hassan

Given the growing complexity of organizations, business and human resource planners continue to look for new ways to systematically assess their activities and those of…



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