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Genetically Modified Organisms and Food

Stewart Marshall

Genetic modification techniques have transformed the scope ofbiotechnology. Describes the new technology and its potential uses inthe food industry. Safety is an important…


Cholesterol: A Current Perspective

John I. Ahmad

The health problem commonly associated with consuming a diet rich incholesterol – what is generally termed atherosclerosis – is widespread inthe Western world and the single most…


Processed Foods with Natural Flavour: The Use of Novel Recovery Technology

Leo Pyle

Briefly outlines the role of new distillation technology in the recoveryand management of natural flavours. Often processing leads to the lossor deterioration in the flavour…


Healthy Dim Sum

Yee‐man Wu

Reviews the Chinese dish, dim sum, in the light of healthy eatingrecommendations, especially cooking methods, use of ingredients and thefat and sugar intake. Notes in conclusion…


New Technologies in Food Preservation and Processing: Part II

Alan Williams

The exploitation of new technologies and effective technology transferare vital ingredients for the long‐term competitiveness of allorganizations. When referring to developments…


Nutrition Research at South Bank University

Jill Davies

Looks at the funding of research projects, with special reference tonutrition research, at South Bank University, and recent developments inpostgraduate activity in this field…


A Healthy Diet: Whose Responsibility?

Linda D. Gowdy, Margaret McKenna

Focuses on particular aspects of a healthy life style, diet and eatingbehaviours. Specifically considers the role which catering managers playin the provision of healthy food, the…


Nutrition and Computing: Is Shareware a Useful Option?

Claire Seaman

Examines the advantages of “shareware” as opposed to commercial softwarein the fields of dietetics and nutrition, categorizing these into: wordprocessing; data storage and…

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