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Healthy eating‐1: Can people really judge whether foods are healthy?

N.I. McNeil, R. McNeil

Dietary advice is given with the aim of improving health, either on a national scale, or at an individual level. The NACNE and COMA Reports have recommended changes in the British…

Healthy eating‐2: What's the healthiest way of eating?

E. Carlson, M. Kipps, A. Lockie, J. Thomson

Because of the increase in diet related diseases, such as coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus, diverticular disease, dental caries and obesity, it would be desirable for…

Nutrition labelling in the Netherlands

A considerable amount of information is available about the nutritional value of foods but this information is often presented to the consumer in a confusing manner. As a result…

a taste for Health

Another step towards stimulating a taste for health in their region was taken recently at a presentation to launch Croydon District Health Authority's Food and Health Policy.

Nutrition in ACTION

Jacquie Watson

Members of the group were LEA advisers, dietitians, a representative from Education Catering and a School Medical Officer. An important consideration from the beginning was that…


National Health Service cooks and trainee cooks have been competing in the 1985 Flour Advisory Bureau 60p Menu Challenge, and recently the winners of the competition were…

Catering Technology

Roger Collison

Catering technology can be defined as ‘the application of science to the art of catering’. For this purpose catering is taken to mean the feeding of people in large groups and…

Fibre and phytate

Gursh Bindra

The possibility that diets with high fibre levels could lead to mineral deficiency states in human populations was first recognised in Iran and other parts of the Middle East. In…

Food and nutrition in the next decade

was the title of a talk given by Professor Arnold Bender at the third nutrition conference sponsored by Kellogg's and attended by Women's Institute members at their Denman…

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