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Irene Finch

Holland has an official Nutrition Education Department with a staff of nutritionists and an enviable output of materials. They have come to realise that their former food group…

ALEXIS SOYER:Portrait of a chef

Helen Morris

The Victorian age in England produced an abundance of eccentrics; not least among them a Frenchman called Alexis Soyer. He was a dandy, a cook, a practical joker, a best‐selling…

Diet and Hyperactivity

Linda Auty

Hyperactivity is a puzzling condition which has been widely discussed in the media. Linda Auty, BSc, SRD, who lectures in Nutrition and Dietetics at Leeds University, explains the

The well‐fed Husband?

Anne Murcott

‘Everybody knows’ that women do the cooking. It was the Princess not the Prince of Wales who was asked in their eve of wedding TV interview whether she was a good cook, and it is…

Constipation — an age old problem

When the dinosaurs died out 64 million years ago, one theory runs that it was due to constipation of the entire species. The leaf‐eating great lizards probably depended on…

New diabetic diets

Jill Metcalfe SRD

The fundamental aim of any set of dietary guidelines or recommendations is to improve the health of the target group. At first sight the production of dietary recommendations for…

The B Vitamins:Folic acid and Biotin

Ivan M Sharman

We conclude this short series of articles on the B vitamins with a description of these two substances

THIRSTY? The best answer is still a lemon

David Gunston

Famed for many centuries as perhaps the best thirst‐quencher of all fruits, the lemon has a long history but one which nevertheless does not extend back to Ancient Greek and Roman…

New mix packs

Under licence from Developak (UK) Ltd, Bowater Flexible Packaging Limited have acquired exclusive rights to manufacture rupturable seal materials and market them in the UK and…

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