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Penny Stanway

Once you understand the physiology of milk production (lactation) and breast feeding it is very easy to work out how to help mothers prevent or overcome any problems they might…

Vitamin D in human milk

Elsie M. Widdowson

Vitamin D is one of the fat‐soluble vitamins. Its function in the body is to promote the absorption of calcium from the intestine and deposition of calcium in developing bone. If…

Trends in breastfeeding

There has been strong, official encouragement of breast‐feeding since 1974 when the Department of Health published a report on Present‐day practice in infant feeding. Results from…

Early breastfeeding problems

Shirley Goodwin

As a health visitor, my work brings me into daily contact with young families, and dietary advice constitutes a large part of my work with this important group, in promoting…

The measurement of food texture

B.L. Wedzicha

According to the Oxford Dictionary, texture is defined as ‘the constitution, structure or substance of anything with regard to its constituents or formative elments’ in the…

Codling moth

M.E. Solomon, D.M. Glen

Control of codling moth with modern insecticides, although successful, depends mainly on broad‐spectrum chemicals that kill many natural enemies which could otherwise contribute…

Are the general public interested in nutrition?

The offer of a free personal eating analysis has had the Blue Band Bureau working, literally, twenty‐four hours a day. At a recent exhibition, over one thousand visitors a day…

The raw materials of brewing

C.E. Dalgliesh

Britain's brewers use more than 700,000 tons of barley malt annually and to produce this quantity 900,000 tons of premium quality barley need to be grown. Hopfields covering…

nutmeg and mace

David Gunston

By diehard tradition, rice pudding is supposed to be a dull dish, but who can doubt that it is elevated to a much higher level of tastiness by one simple addition — grated nutmeg…

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