Nutrition & Food Science: Volume 72 Issue 2


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A.G. Cameron

What a terrible word for a title; but its intentional horribleness emphasises the fact that the arrival and proliferation of supermarkets in every High Street constitutes nothing…

The psychology of eating


We eat, as we all know, to keep body and soul together. If we don't eat we starve, and eventually die. But what is it that, at particular times during the day, initiates the…

Essential Fatty Acids

R.J. Taylor

Essential fatty acids are substances that an animal organism — which includes that of humans — needs for certain physiological and metabolic processes. This is almost a definition…

Byword of mouth …

Eric Galli

‘To illiterate people especially, the proverb is precious. Without the luxury of a library, wisdom has to be stored mentally and must be concise. Hence in proverbs the words are

Radioactivity in Food

R. Scott Russell

Eight or ten years ago the risks which the population might experience from the contamination of foodstuffs with radioactivity were frequently mentioned in the press. Lately there…


Magnus Pyke

One of the most remarkable discoveries of modern food science has been that for the majority of the adult human beings on earth and for a significant minority of children, milk…

Protein from petroleum

Thomas Walker

The first published report that hydrocarbons were subject to microbial degradation appears to be that of the Japanese botanist Miyoshi in 1895. He observed that certain alkanes…

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